Where can I send feedback?
To me, Anthony Goubard,

Which version of Java do I need?
You need the Java version 1.4 or higher.
For more information look at the download page

Where are the other screenshots?
Screenshots won't really fit for this application or just imagine a white or blue full screen rectangle.
I should probably create a video of it but I'm also not sure if after the encoding the flash effect will render.
The best thing for you to do is to run the application online

What are the command line arguments?
javaw -jar Discotheek.jar Colors:[colors] Time:[time] Screen:[screen] FadeColors:[true|false] Preset:[preset] [StartNow]

Colors should be separated with semi-colon. e.g. red;#5511aa;blue
Time is milliseconds between two flashes. e.g: 60
Screen device to display the flash. e.g: 1
Available presets: Rainbow, Strobe, LavaLamp, Dark, Light
StartNow to start the spot light directly.

How to request for new features?
You may request for new features in Discotheek, your request will be treated according to the following rules:

  • You are paying for the feature.
  • It's a bug fix.
  • It's a good idea.
  • It's easy to implement.
  • You made a donation.
  • You are providing a code example.
Also the more users, the more time I will spend improving it. So telling your friends about it is a good start.